About me

Unraveling Puzzles and Crafting Solutions

Greetings, digital wanderer! I'm Justin, a tech enthusiast navigating the intriguing landscapes of engineering, spatial reasoning, and the captivating art of problem-solving. Picture me as your guide through the intricate reality we call existence.

When it comes to the social stage, I might be a bit of a wallflower. However, in the realm of algorithms and logic, I shine the brightest. My true calling lies in the dance of problem-solving, where every challenge is an opportunity to challenge myself.

In the tapestry of reality, technology reveals threads of understanding, yet within the intricate weave of the human mind lies a realm where quantifiability meets its match, where the infinite intersects with the quantifiable. 

Best, Justin


 Critical Thinker

Well Cultured

Well Organized

Tech Literate 

My Specialty



 Social Skills


 Making Good Life Decisions


 Handling Money


 Fixing Stuff


Breaking Stuff 


 Quantifying my skillset using pointless graphs. 


Work Experience

U.S. Graphite ~ 2023 - Present

 Press Operator - December 2023 - Current

 Indirect Operator -June 2023 - December 2023

  Hooter's of America ~ 2017 - 2022

 Line Cook - April 2017 - May 2022

2019 Grill Games Divisional Champion*

*Yea it's an actual thing they did before Covid-19 got out of control 

  Harvey's Grill and Bar

Chef -  2021